Make progress with the tailor-made programme of your
esf Montalbert instructor!

Do you want to get back into shape, make progress or discover the ski area with your friends or family? Benefit from the advice of a professional esf instructor who will meet your needs with a tailor-made programme during half-day, full day or week sessions.

Go skiing with peace of mind with Carré Neige.

No refund will be given in case of cancellation, injury or illness. The Carré Neige insurance covers you against all these risks.

We answer all your questions

Is it possible to share the same instructor?
Yes, up to 7 people if you all have more or less the same level. Otherwise, the results will not be satisfying for everyone!
Shall we bring our own equipment?
We do not have a course and equipment package.
You must come to your lessons with skis, boots and ski poles. There are sports shops in the resort where you can rent or buy equipment.
You will also need a lift pass, depending on your level!
Why a private lesson?
The private lesson can be very interesting whatever your level, it will allow you to make you make progress at your own pace and to have even more fun in mastering your technique. It is also the occasion to discover a new discipline: snowboard, telemark, off-piste...