Frequently asked questions

Club Piou Piou

  • Do the children ski right away?
Each child is different and some children may need a little more time to acclimatise, get their bearings, and discover a new world ...we like to encourage them to learn at their own pace.

  • What equipment does the child need?
Right sized shoes / ski boots with only one pair of socks. Skis (height on the chin) Trust the professionals for adjustments. No poles. The helmet is a must.

  • How to dress my child?
Jacket & salopettes or warm ski suit, comfortable and waterproof. Mittens instead of gloves, mask or goggles for the sun/glare (tied with a cord) with a minimum of UV index 3.

Private lessons

  • Are private lessons recommended for beginners?
In many cases, private lessons are recommended for beginners and will help children overcome their natural fear / apprehension of skiing.

  • I have two children, is it possible that they share the same instructor?
Yes, the instructor can teach up to 5 students. But it is important to note that the children are at the same level for the lesson to be most effective.