Enjoy your day of skiing!

When you choose the childcare (from 18 months to 12 years old) before or after the ski lessons, you can enjoy your stay on the slopes with your mind at ease.
You will need to book the ski lessons and the childcare separately.
To benefit from the childcare and the lessons package, you must come by the childcare place to signal yourself and collect a "transfer" bib.

Only available if there are at least 5 participants.


Morning9h - 12h
Midday11h30 - 14h00
Afternoon14h - 17h


                                                                                                                               6 DAYS               5 DAYS               1 DAY

Half day childcare * + lunch (with meal)                                    283 €            260 €             58 €

Midday childcare (with meal)                                                      184 €            170 €             38 €

* Half-day = morning or afternoon